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About Us

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The What + Why

What do we do?

Advisory Trail works with corporate leaders and transformation champions to create unique learning experiences for themselves or their organizations. We collaborate with clients to CAPTURE, CURATE, and COACH learners through a unique and meaningful learning journey for the specific profiles within an organization. We are then able to measure the efficacy of the content based upon specific behavioral changes. 


Why do we do it?

Advisory Trail is proud to build a business with a clear purpose of enhancing the learning experience of individual leaders who can make a difference in their teams and consumers. We are excited to be creating learning content and delivery methods that will make leaders and teams think differently about humanity and civility across the spectrum of race, (dis)ability, gender or other human characteristics that make our world unique and diverse. 

Meet The Team

Jane Kim.png

Dr. Jane Kim, MD, EdD

Director of Learning + Research

Bethany Fronhofer.jpg

Bethany Fronhofer

Creative Director

Val Daye.jpg

Val Daye

Director of Coaching + Facilitation

Hayes Stamper.jpeg

Hayes Stamper

Marketing Principal

Hwesu Cobb-Phillips.png

Hwesu Cobb-Phillips

Finance + Accounting

AC Dunlap.jpg

AC Dunlap

Advisor, Executive Content Creation

image0 (1).jpeg

Joel Brock

Creative Associate


Lindsay Ashford

Creative Associate


Jonathan B. Moore

Sales Principal

Simeon Sessley

Simeon Sessley

Founding Partner

Simeon Sessley comes with almost two decades of corporate experience at companies like GE and Atrium Health, leading transformation efforts that harnessed innovation for impact specifically in the areas of health equity. In August 2019, Simeon became a small business owner to support leaders at Walmart to learn more about the needs of new mothers who desired tech-enabled products that specifically addressed infant health and wellness concerns. This compelled him to steer the business towards clients who desire engaging learning content for leaders who want to learn more about their diversifying workforce and consumers. This led to the formal creation of Advisory Trail.

Meet The Team

Our Partners

Randi Burlew.png

Randi Burlew, PhD

Industrial Psychologist

The Burlew Group

Joseph Kindt.jpg

Joseph Kindt

Talent Acquisition


Melanie Rhodes.jpg

Melanie J. Rhodes

Enterprise Analytics

Diversity Spend Solutions

Dyan Finkhousen.png

Dyan Finkhousen

Ecosystem Strategist

Shoshin Works


Faraz Zubairi

Treehouse Holdings

Craig Cuddeback.jpg

Craig Cuddeback

Client Relations

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