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Reviewing Reports at Desk


Cultural Readiness Assessment

Creating an organization committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and ultimately, true belonging must begin with assessment.


Our Cultural Readiness Assessment will give you a robust snapshot to determine a baseline of knowledge and cultural readiness for each leader and team member.

What Will Be Discovered?

  1. What are the cultural barriers?

  2. What are the areas of knowledge that you want your decision makers to gain when making those key decisions, such as hiring employees or selecting vendors?

  3. Are your leaders self-aware of systemic structures and systems that reinforce cultural barriers?

Our Cultural Readiness Assessment is our digital front door. If you choose to take the next steps, Advisory Trail can CURATE learning paths based on these results. We are able to customize content to help learners connect the dots with other learning topics.


Learning Content Library

Geflen™ is a robust digital learning experience platform that creates curated learning pathways for users as they explore the various topics and complex subject matters needed to gain credentials specific to your organization.

We serve as a content service provider specifically as organizations look to address relevant, but potentially sensitive topics, such as:

Accessible Workspace

Benefits to You:

Rapid Integration

Access to Subject Matter Experts

Access to Case Studies

Lower Costs + Complexity

Benefits to Team:

Increased Awareness

Gamified Learning Experience

Optimized for Mobile + Desktop

Third Party Credential Login Ready

Advisory Trail supports organizations to address the inefficiencies and counterproductive activities needed to curate effective learning content.

Online Conference


Learning Advisor

Advisory Trail will identify a dedicated Learning Advisor for individuals or teams that prefer or require a more facilitated approach who will ensure engagement and movement towards success.

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