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Our Services

Help employees to connect leadership decisions with their goals.

Industry & Investor Combined Programs

Ensures early staged portfolio companies get their capabilities assessed through an invite only semi-annual Industry Immersion Program exclusive offered to 4 Venture Capitalist Groups.

Provide capital investment plus incubation for select divestitures and new growth ventures. This includes re-skilling or augmenting current management teams with experienced venture leaders or entrepreneurs in residence.

Incubating and investing

Trail Blazers' Network

Private network of global experts,  funders and founders committed to addressing meaningful challenges through private-public partnership formation.

Accelerate the qualification of minority and women vendors for new business ventures as well as core business.

Outside-In Accelerator Programs

Execution Resources Plus Digital Platform

Trained short-term resources for project execution of long-term strategies as well as a digital platform to increase awareness and engagement amongst employees, suppliers and external stakeholders.

Increase awareness and engagement amongst employees, suppliers and external stakeholders with pre-loaded templates that can be customized to your organization as well as learn best practices from others.

Digital Platform for Strategic Portfolio

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